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Types of Medical Masks

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As bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing, doctors are becoming more dangerous when they work in hospitals. To prevent infection by bacteria and viruses, doctors wear medical masks during surgery. Most medical masks are made of mask making machines. The quality of masks made by N95 mask making machines is better than that made by hand. Therefore, in the surgical and procedural environment, the supplier must provide appropriate facial protection for each clinical situation. Proper masks can help reduce the risk of facial contact with blood and other body fluids. 



Classification of Medical Masks


Common medical masks can play a certain protective role, which is used in the general ward, isolation unit, delivery room and other areas of the hospital. In addition, these masks can be used in emergency rooms and intensive care units. However, they are not suitable for use in the operating room.


Surgical masks are mainly used by surgeons. The general surgical masks are fixed on the face by two belts. It can better prevent the face from contacting the body fluid of the patient.


The third type of mask is the N95 mask. The mask is used to filter smoke from surgical procedures. Electric surgical devices, laser and ultrasonic scalpels or dissectors may produce smoke when used. N95 masks are recommended for use in the operating room. It can effectively block the smog produced in surgery and some aerosol containing virus, such as tuberculosis virus, varicella virus, etc. In high-risk surgical settings, doctors should wear N95 masks instead of surgical masks.



Protection Grade of Medical Masks


Medical masks can be classified into three levels of protection. The first level medical masks are the least protective and can only be used in low-risk situations, such as non-surgical procedures and general examinations. This mask can not be used to filter aerosol, spray and liquid. The second class medical mask is suitable for the environment containing low concentration to medium concentration of aerosol, and can also filter low and medium concentrations of sprays and liquids. The third level medical mask has the strongest protection ability and can be used in operating room and other environments. It can filter high concentrations of aerosols, sprays and liquids, which can effectively protect surgeons' health. 



How are Medical Masks Made


Medical masks need to be disinfected, so the face mask making machines used to produce medical masks also need to be disinfected. In addition, the room where the surgical mask making machine is placed also needs to be disinfected. The main raw material of medical mask is melt blown cloth. The staff needs to put the melt blown cloth in the ear loop face mask making machine, then adjust the automatic mask making machine, and finally start the machine. After the mask machine processing, melt blown cloth will become a semi-finished mask. At this point, the semi-finished products need to be put into another machine, which can make cotton thread into ear band and weld it to the mask. Finally, the mask needs to be put into the blister packing machine, and the mask is packaged through the automatic packing machine. In the whole process of mask production, cup mask making machines, welding machines and plastic packing machines need to be disinfected. Only in this way can we ensure that the masks are sterile after delivery.



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