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Urban’s Solution in COVID-19

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In today's turbulent era, as an explorer of medical equipment industry, Urban has been walking in the front line of medical devices. Urban mainly has two production lines, including mask making production line and pharmaceutical production line.


Mask machine is specially improved and designed with specificity, including automatic delivery of raw materials, automatic delivery, mask edge welding, folding, electrostatic removal, mask fixed belt welding and other full process automation. Specially used for the manufacture of plane mask.


NJYF-300C automatic hard-capsule liquid filling machine and sealing linkage line equipment are the first in-line equipment of our company based on our own multi-year capsule filling technology, self-developed design and production of hard capsule filling liquid and sealing. And exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights and a number of technical invention patents.


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We understand that COVID-19 and the global economic conditions have left us all feeling uncertain. But challenging as it's been, this is also the perfect opportunity to rise above your competitors and transition from a fully-manual production process, which is extremely labour-intensive and further complicated due to mandatory social-distancing policies, to an automated system that prioritizes operator safety while boosting productivity.

Showcasing your revamped production areas and highlighting safe, happy workers is a great marketing opportunity during this time to instill consumer confidence in your brand and your products. Seeing that businesses are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure high-quality products while prioritizing operator safety would only make a consumer more likely to choose your product over another's.

We hope you see that now is the perfect time to optimize your production. We understand that it's an uncertain time, and with uncertainty comes doubt. But now isn't the time for doubt. Now is the time for boldness and leadership; now is the time for confidence. It's time to Fill Confident, and that's what you'll get with Urban!



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