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What Are the Criteria for Different People to Choose Masks?

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Because of the epidemic, masks are "hard to get" in many places. There are many types of masks, among which N95/KN95 has become a frantic item for everyone. However, the expert said that N95 masks should still be given to the front-line workers. For our ordinary people, we can choose disposable medical surgical masks which are produced by surgical mask making machines. So, how can we choose masks with different protection levels, so as not to cause waste of medical supplies? Next we will introduce the criteria for different people to choose masks.


According to the "Mask Types and Recommended Applicable People" issued by the National Health Commission’s Disease Control Bureau, the Propaganda Department, and the News and Media Center of China Central Radio and Television, people and scenes using masks can be roughly divided into five types: lower risk, low risk, medium risk, high risk, and higher risk, and the masks can basically be divided into six types: ordinary masks, disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, particulate protective masks, medical protective masks, and protective masks.


20-1-surgical mask making machines


1. Lower Risk: It is Recommended to Wear Ordinary Masks or Not to Wear Masks.


Whether you need to wear a mask with a protective level is a matter for everyone to consider when you buy masks. For example, home activities, scattered residents, outdoor activists, workers in well-ventilated places, etc., these situations will not cause large-scale virus transmission due to less contact with other people and better ventilation. Therefore, ordinary masks can be chosen.



2. Low Risk: It is Recommended to Use Disposable Medical Masks.


Low risk situations include the public staying in densely populated places, indoor working environments where people are relatively concentrated, the public going to medical institutions for treatment, and children in kindergartens and school students who stay together. For these situations, It is better to use disposable medical masks which are produced by medical mask making machines. But it is also necessary to avoid close contact, and the place should maintain good ventilation.



3. Medium Risk: It is Recommended to Use Disposable Medical Masks and Medical Surgical Masks.


At this risk level, it requires an improvement in the protection level of masks. The people involved in the medium risk generally include ordinary outpatients, medical staff working in wards, staff in densely populated areas, and employees engaged in administrative management, police, security, and express delivery. This group of people has more contact with strangers than the previous situations. Therefore, in terms of self-protection, it is necessary to be well prepared. Maintain daily temperature measurement, wash hands frequently, etc., while avoiding unnecessary contact, and it is recommended to use disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks produced by professional mask making machines.



4. High Risk: It is Recommended to Use Particulate Protective Masks.


People at this risk level include emergency medical staff, people who conduct epidemiological investigations for close contact persons, and those who test samples related to the epidemic. We often mention KN95/N95 protective masks, where "N" means non-oily particles, and "95" means that the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the specified detection conditions. This type of masks is one of the US certified anti-particulate masks. KN95 is the classification of anti-particulate masks in China's national standards. The two kinds of masks have the same protective effect. It is mainly recommended to be used during on-site investigation, sampling and testing. The public can also use it in crowded places or closed public places. Therefore, in addition to the suspected epidemic environment with high risks, this type of masks is recommended to be used by medical workers. It needs to be produced by special n95 mask making machines.



5. Higher Risk: It is Recommended to Use Particulate Protective Masks and Higher Level Protective Masks.


For the higher risk situations, the requirements for masks will be more subdivided. Medical surgical masks are no longer a protective device to protect the safety of related workers. In fever clinics of epidemic areas, you can choose to use particulate protective masks and higher level protective masks (plus P100 filter cotton). In addition to masks, it is also recommended to wear protective clothing and take appropriate protective measures.


In order to better protect yourself and prevent the spread of the epidemic, while not wasting medical resources, the choice of masks needs to be combined with the usage scenarios. At the same time, manufacturers should choose professional automatic mask making machines to ensure the quality of the masks.



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