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What Does COVID-19 Change The Packaging Industry?

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In times of uncertain global economic and health conditions, packaged products are essential. Whether it is hand sanitizer, medicine, test kit or food, packaging is an important part of ensuring the safety and health of the world. What are the effects of COVID-19 on the packaging industry and how should we respond?


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1. Passion for pre-packaged processed food


While encouraging consumers to stay at home for several weeks at a time, foods that can be processed into long-term preservation are on the rise. Consumers are storing convenient pre-packaged processed foods. Compared with the previous long-term market trend, this is a huge change. The market trend strongly favors fresh foods without preservatives. Economical, safe, processed foods are more popular.



2. Demand for on-demand equipment


During the health crisis, the demand for packaging items such as food, medicine, and medical equipment is increasing. Contract packers and manufacturers find that they need to scale up quickly. The on-demand packaging equipment provided by the supplier can keep the machinery in stock for quick delivery. We have seen unprecedented demand for stock packaging machines, which can be shipped to customers almost immediately. Such as pillow packaging machines, stretch film packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, capsule filling machines, packaging machines, counting machines, etc.



3. Great changes in catering services and retail packaging


Almost overnight, the restaurant either had to close its doors or only provided carryover or delivery services. As many consumers are unemployed or worried about future economic instability, restaurant visits have been greatly reduced. At the same time, consumer storage of food means that grocery stores struggle to keep their shelves full.



4. New discoveries in disposable packaging


Over the years, it has been promoting the sustainable development of the packaging industry and reducing waste. Although these concerns are still valid and important in the long run, the value of disposable packaging is obvious in an era when people are increasingly concerned about hygiene. In a health crisis like the COVID-19 epidemic, consumers want to know that their products and their packaging have been used by as few people as possible. Disposable packaging has been widely criticized in recent years due to its so-called waste. From a "hygiene" point of view, it may now have an advantage.



5. Labor shortage has increased interest in packaging automation


Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, manufacturers and contract packers encountered a shortage of qualified workers. Since then, this shortage has become more complicated due to uncertainty about how to respond to the global health crisis and still run your own business. Packaging automation reduces the dependence on uncertainty. Packaging automation reduces the uncertainty of manual labor and becomes more important during the global health crisis. Instead of squeezing multiple workers into a small packaging area, one operator can effectively run most packaging machines. In addition, the automated packaging process means fewer manual operations, thereby improving efficiency, safety and accuracy.


Although COVID-19 has changed some packaging methods, it has also accelerated the renewal and upgrade of packaging machines. We are committed to continuously learning advanced technology to provide global customers with the latest and most useful mask making machine, capsule filling machine, pharmaceutical packaging machine etc.



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