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What Is A Capsule Filling Machine

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In daily life, the capsule has played a very important role, although it is not impressive, it has made a great contribution to human beings. The emergence of capsules allows people to avoid the pain of drug bitterness, but also for the convenience of drug storage. But if you really know how the capsule be produced? How many types of capsule filling machines are there? What’s the working principle of the capsule machines?


Now let’s talk about the capsule machines!


The introduction of Capsule filling machine


The pharmaceutical industry has to invest in different technologies for manufacturing different types of medications. Capsule makers account for a large part of the capsule industry. A capsule machine operates by filling hard or soft gelatin capsules with various substances which can either be pellets, powder, liquid, or suspension.


A capsule filler is standard for pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.  Any material containing active pharmaceutical ingredients is ideal for this equipment. This entire process is called encapsulation by professionals. At present, there exist three types of capsule machines which include manual, semi-automatic, and automatic capsule machines.

capsule filling machine


Working principle


Some of the most common operating principles of capsule machines include rectification which eliminates bad gelatin capsules. The specific operation process includes the following steps:


  • Placing the machine on a flat space.

  • Disassembling the capsules: open them and make sure the short lids are on top while the longer ones are on the bottom facing upwards.

  • Filling the empty caps with different materials and closing it.


The entire process depends on the model and features. Some eliminate excess drug mixtures automatically while others require manual operation. Either way, the last step is to eject filled capsules for manual capsule machines.


Main part of capsule machines


Most capsule filling machines or encapsulators have a 200-300 bed hole, a loading tray, a powder tray, and a pin plate. They also have other parts. Let’s discuss some of the most significant parts.


Capsule hopper


this part plays an important role which can hold all the empty capsules you might want to fill. It comes in a cylindrical, cubic, or conical shapes and we make it with stainless steel material. you will run across a capsule hopper with two, level sensors placed on low and high levels respectively, which will open and close automatically based on the filling process.


Capsule feeding unit


A capsule feeding unit connects the main hopper through a vacuum loader. This part has a rotating wheel designed to be in constant motion as perfect capsules flow to the primary capsule hopper.


Powder dosage filling device


The part is essential in supplying a precise amount of powder into the filling parameters. It has a level sensor that can regulates powder quantity from the hopper to the filling element automatically. The filling process happens when the powder held on the dosing disc becomes compresses by an air jet and released to the filling funnels.


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