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What Is Smart Packaging and Its Importance

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The so-called smart packaging is to add more relevant information to the existing packaging technology, and can be read with advanced smart phones, Internet and Internet of things, so as to make the packaging have greater information capacity. General packaging machines include cereal packaging machine, salad packaging machine, sweet wrapping machine, etc.



1. Introduction to Intelligent Packaging


(1) Application of Intelligent Packaging

About half of the packaging solutions are added RFID chips to sense and identify goods in theunmanned supermarketnow. RFID is one of the technologies adopted in intelligent packaging. In the intelligent packaging, people can integrate a lot of innovative thinking, add more mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical properties and other new technologies so that it not only has the general packaging function, but also has some special performance to meet the special requirements of commodities and special environmental conditions.


(2) Evolution Trend of Intelligent Packaging

One dimensional bar code should be regarded as the earliest and most widely used intelligent packaging, and it is also the intelligent packaging that people contact most. At present, it is widely applied in food, medicine and other retail goods, and people can not do without it. Food and tablets can also be sealed by special small food packaging machine, vacuum wrap machine or vacuum packer machine.


Then two-dimensional code was born and gradually became another technology widely used by intelligent packaging. Compared with one-dimensional bar code, it has more information capacity and anti-counterfeiting, and has been widely applied in the market. Users can get the relevant information of the QR code byscanningwith an ordinary smart phone.


The latest generation of intelligent packaging adopts RFID and NFC technology, which can let the packagingopen mouthto tell us where they have been and where they are, what they contain, whether they are genuine products, whether they have been opened, etc. From the perspective of user experience, intelligent packaging increasingly emphasizes the importance of interaction.


(3) Bright and Tortuous Road of Intelligent Packaging

As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese government began to try to strengthen the supervision of drugs and food. Since then, the utilization of RFID tags has been promoted in China, and it has brought more application projects to logistics, packaging, retail, manufacturing and other industries.


Moreover, intelligent packaging has its powerful functions in protection, service and information, and intelligent packaging is more and more adopted in medicine, food, daily chemicals, logistics and other fields. In addition to extending the shelf life of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products, these smart packaging also bears the burden of improving product traceability.


100-2-cereal packaging machine 

2. The Importance of Intelligent Packaging


(1) More Transparent Product Information and More Efficient Logistics

The application of intelligent packaging technology can bring enterprises more accurate market forecast, more practical sales plan, less or even zero inventory, convenient product utilization and after-sales, so as to give consumers more assured goods, more transparent production process, and let consumers enjoy more commodity services.


(2) Intelligent Packaging Has Great Potential in Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Supply Chain

Integrating smart packaging solutions into the existing end-to-end supply chain can help companies increase sales by improving key processes, reducing theft and management waste to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and reduce costs.


(3) Smart Packaging Has Many Potential Applications

Traditional packaging has been unable to fully meet customer expectations and the growing complexity of products. In the market segments with high traceability requirements, intelligent packaging technology has great development potential, such as food (e.g. ice candy packaging), beverage, medicine and health care.


(4) Extension of Product Function

With the emergence and development of intelligent packaging technology, human-computer interactive communication is more simple, and packaging is increasingly becoming the extension of product functions and the carrier of integration of various innovative technologies.


The wave of high and new technology has pushed packaging to a higher level of development, and the development of intelligent packaging is also an inevitable trend in the future.


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