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What are the fabrics for making masks

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In the context of a global pandemic, information about the new coronavirus is constantly updated every day. Although many states in the United States report that efforts to flatten the curve are working, scientists warn that we should be prepared for covid-19 related impacts, at least until 2021. 


Despite other uncertainties, CDC recommends that all people wear masks in public places and keep surgical masks and N95 for medical staff. However, not all fabrics are the same when it comes to filtering out particles in the air.


In this article, we will discuss what kind of mask fabrics are needed for different types of masks.


Masks have a long history, and the fabrics used to make masks have undergone many changes. Different types of masks require different mask raw materials.


For example, medical masks need non-woven fabrics as raw materials, disposable face masks as disposable non woven products need disposable non-woven fabrics.


When a person with a virus sneezes or coughs, they eject infected particles into the air. Saliva droplets are relatively large, ranging from one to five millimeters in size, and travel in a radius of around six feet from the source — this fact, of course, is the impetus behind our new social norm of retaining such distance from others in public. Coming into contact with virus-infected droplets on surfaces promotes the spread of disease, but the particles which dissolve into the air and remain suspended for long periods of time raise concerns of their own.



What kind of mask is needed to fight against the coronavirus?


A new study published by the American Chemical Society in ACS Nano shows that the combination of cotton and natural silk or Chiffon is the most effective mask.


The mixed fabric can effectively prevent the virus from penetrating the face mask into the human body. In the case of cotton silk blended fabrics, tightly woven cotton prevents particles from passing through the gaps in the fiber, while silk provides electrostatic charge to capture particles. This type mask need to use high speed automatic mask making machines.


Most of the current dust masks is also a pretty choice to make face mask, which are made of two layers of non-woven fabrics inside and outside, and a filter cloth in the middle. Filtering dust mainly depends on the middle filter cloth. Due to the dust is a adsorbed on the filter cloth,the filter cloth is static and cannot be washed, the dust face masks are disposable,which are made by auto disposable face machines.


Cotton is the common material of homemade face masks, but a single layer of cotton on its own doesn’t fare very well in preventing particles from getting through so be sure to use multiple layers of it. How many layers? Well, in general, the more easily you can see through a fabric when holding it up to a light, the more layers of that particular fabric you need to create an effective mask.




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