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What is the Difference Between Industrial N95 Masks and Medical N95 Masks?

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Many people only know that if we want to prevent the COVID-19 infection, we should buy n95 masks or medical surgical masks. They do not know that n95 masks are divided into industrial dust-proof n95 masks and medical n95 masks. Although the two have the same protection level and are all produced by n95 mask making machines, and they have passed the N95 level test, but there are still differences. Today we will introduce the difference between industrial dust-proof n95 mask and medical n95 mask in detail.


It should be said that all n95 masks are able to prevent the COVID-19 virus, but it depends on the specific usage scene. A variety of masks such as N95 masks can effectively prevent the COVID-19 virus. If you are medical staff or people who often enter and exit high-risk areas, you need to wear medical n95 masks. The filtering efficiency of N95 masks for particles with aerodynamic diameter ≥ 0.3 µm reaches more than 95%. The aerodynamic diameter of air bacteria and fungal spores mainly varies between 0.7-10μm, which is also within the protection range of N95 masks.

Therefore, the N95 mask can be used for the respiratory protection from certain particulate matter, such as the dust generated by the process of grinding, cleaning and processing minerals, flour, etc. It is also suitable for the liquid particulate produced by spraying.


17-3-n95 face mask making machines

The N95 mask is one of the nine anti-particulate masks certified by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). It is produced by professional automatic mask making machines. "N" means that it is unsuitable for oily particles (the fume produced by cooking is oily particles, while the droplets produced by people talking or coughing are not oily). "95" means that under the test conditions specified by the NIOSH standard, the filtering efficiency reaches 95%. N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the products meet the N95 standard and pass the NIOSH review, they can be called "N95 masks".



The Main Difference Between Industrial Dust Mask N95 and Medical N95 Mask.


1. The protection type is different.

As the name suggests, one is industrial dust-proof masks, they are used in coal mining, petroleum processing, mining, etc., and the other is medical protective masks, which are used in epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, disease control centers, etc. The corresponding certification standards are different. The model GB2626-2006 is an industrial n95 mask, and the model GB19083-2010 is a medical n95 mask. You can look at the model when identifying.


2. The protection direction is different.

Industrial dust-proof n95 masks can prevent dust and have a good virus protection effect. Medical n95 masks not only have a good virus protection effect, but also filter fine dust particles.


3. The materials used are different. Medical n95 masks have a hydrophobic protective layer to block the splash and penetration of slight liquid or blood, while industrial dust-proof masks do not have this layer.


In general, these two kinds of masks are all produced by n95 face mask making machines, and they are anti-virus. You can buy ordinary n95 masks or medical surgical masks for normal use. Medical n95 masks are suitable for people who go to the hospital.


With the escalation of the epidemic, the demand for masks is still great. If you want to join the production of masks, you may need a high speed mask making machine. It can be a manual mask making machine or a fully automatic mask making machine.


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