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What needs to be considered for mask production?

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Now that businesses have reopened throughout the US, you may see that most will require you to wear a mask or face covering before entering. Whether you're buying a mask or making a homemade face covering, you'll need to get one soon if you're planning on going anywhere.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies have been encouraging people to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for months.


After a shortage of masks at the beginning of the pandemic, more and more retailers have added face coverings to their product supply.


At the same time, as masks have become a daily necessity for people, while ensuring that masks can prevent the spread of the virus, people are more and more concerned about the design of masks. Masks have become accessories like necklaces and earrings. As a result, it’s more common to see people in public with patterns, prints and unique designs on their protective gear.


This also means that for mask manufacturers, there are more and more factors to consider in the production of masks.


This article mainly discusses the factors that need to be considered in the production of masks today.



Mask with Ear Loops to maximize hairstyle Option


The desgin of ear loops is more popular. Becasue choosing a mask that ties in the back or one that loops around your ears is unconvenient. If you wear such a mask, people’s pursuit of hairstyles will be greatly limited. For example, if you want a perm but wear a mask that ties in the back or one that loops, it means you'll have a white hair cut.


Ear loop face masks are a better choice for people who design their own hairstyles. For this type of mask there is a professional mask making machine-- ear loop face mask making machine.



Unique mask design


As we navigate through this current COVID-19 pandemic, face coverings have become a necessary accessory. The goal is to stay safe and healthy by any means necessary. Some people don’t mind wearing masks but many women do. It may be counter-intuitive, but the very accessory that signals the pandemic can also double as a morale boost and means of self-expression. According to actor and content creator María José Ovalle, “No one can deny that the accessory of 2020 is the face mask, and people are making it part of their personal style with bedazzled looks, inspirational quotes or anything that shows off their personality.”


Although we can't make many design changes for some special-purpose masks, such as medical masks (N95, KN95), for general disposable masks, we can use the public's imagination to collect consumer ideas, use disposable mask making machines and designer designs to produce distinctive masks. This not only catches the attention of consumers, but also inspires people to wear masks.



The raw material for the mask


Masks produced by mask manufacturers are generally used with nonwovens as raw materials for masks, which can be made into different types of masks. For example, disposable masks, KN95, N95. Different types of masks are designed differently and have different functions. For example, surgical masks, which have a loose fit, are designed to prevent droplets from leaving a medical worker’s mouth and landing on the patient; N95 masks, which hug the mouth and nose and filter up to 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles, are designed to prevent droplets from entering the doctor’s mouth.



The mask making machines


Mask making machines are the key to making masks, and the types are also very rich, such as n95 mask making machine, surgical mask making machine. Whether the gap in masks caused by the COVID-19 can be bridged to a large extent depends on the number of mask machine manufacturers. Sufficient equipment, materials, and manpower can produce enough masks. We can overcome the disease as soon as possible, and the distance between people will be further shortened.




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