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When Can We Take off the Mask?

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The sudden attack of the COVID-19 virus made us unprepared, which caused a shortage of masks in a short period of time. Later, mask manufacturers use automatic mask making machines to mass produce masks to meet the demand of domestic consumers. The mask making machine industry has developed rapidly. The epidemic first broke out from Wuhan and then spread to the whole country. After more than two months, the epidemic has been under control. Now the number of new infections is very small.


In this epidemic period, our front-line medical staff work hard. All of us will not forget their contributions. They are at the forefront of the epidemic regardless of their own safety, and they do not hesitate to protect us ordinary people. We should express our respect to all the staff who are struggling on the front line. Although the epidemic has not been completely resolved, the situation is becoming well, which means that the dawn of victory is not far away from us.


23-2-mask making machine

During this period of time, everyone has to wear masks when going out. To be honest, it is really inconvenient to wear a mask, but it is not the time to take off the mask. Only when the epidemic is declared over can we officially take off the masks.


Now, the number of new infections every day is very small, and many areas have even achieved zero growth. This entirely benefits from our prevention and control policies. As long as the people of the whole country are united, there is no difficulty that can stump us. There is a good news from Wuhan now that Fangcang Hospital has officially closed, which means that there will be fewer and fewer patients in Wuhan, which is undoubtedly good news for us.


The epidemic is still not over. Through this virus, everyone should understand that we should prepare some medical protection items at home, otherwise we will be caught off guard in the face of the virus. Everyone should also keep in mind that we should wear masks in places with heavy traffic. Although the epidemic situation in China has been stabilized, we still need to wear a mask when going out. If the epidemic situation is not completely resolved, do not take off the mask immediately, and be aware of prevention.


Since the epidemic is not over yet, the consumption of masks is still very large. If you want to develop mask-related businesses, you need to prepare the production equipment. According to the type of masks, you may purchase n95 mask making machines, surgical mask making machines, ultrasonic mask making machines, etc.


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