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Whether Medical Masks Can Be Used After Being Sprayed with Alcohol?

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Due to the impact of the COVID-19, masks around the world are almost out of stock. Many people cannot buy masks and have to use masks repeatedly. Therefore, people spray alcohol to disinfect masks. So, can medical masks be used after being sprayed with alcohol?


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1. It's Fine if You Haven't Used the Mask Before, but It's Not Ok if You Have Used the Mask.


When produced by the automatic mask making machine, the outer surfaces of medical surgical masks and medical N95 masks have undergone "water-repellent treatment". Alcohol, water, blood, saliva, etc. are difficult to penetrate. It is to strengthen the protection for doctors and prevent cross-infection caused by contact with patients. It is difficult to disinfect the inside of medical masks by spraying with alcohol. In addition, alcohol will also damage the outer waterproof structure of the mask. The reason is that the surface tension of alcohol is very different from that of water. The water absorption of alcohol-treated masks will increase, which will accelerate the failure of the mask filter layer.



2. Why Can't Medical Masks Be Used Repeatedly?


The most important non-woven fabric in medical surgical masks is the meltblown non-woven fabric in the middle layer. Meltblown non-woven fabrics block viruses and bacteria through the barrier effect and electrostatic adsorption of fibers. The fiber barrier and electrostatic adsorption of meltblown non-woven fabrics have a certain degree of saturation. When it reaches a certain level, it no longer has the function of adsorbing pathogens. Therefore, surgical masks can be used for four hours and then must be replaced.


If we disinfect the used masks by boiling with water, spraying with alcohol, or disinfecting with ultraviolet lamps, theoretically, we can eliminate the bacteria and viruses, but high-temperature boiling and alcohol spraying will destroy the meltblown non-woven fabric, so the protection of the mask is reduced.



3. How to Deal with Used Medical Masks?


1) Masks Used by People or Medical Staff in Hospitals.

In medical institutions, whether the mask are used by medical staff, patients and their families, or visiting staff, they should be directly thrown into the yellow medical waste garbage bag.


2) Masks Used by People with Respiratory Symptoms.

It refers to the masks worn by people who have had respiratory symptoms such as fever, coughing, sputum, and sneezing, or who may have been exposed to suspected pneumonia patients, or who have taken home isolation and observation. Such masks should be thrown into a special trash can and cleaned regularly. Before cleaning, use medical 75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectant containing 500mg/L~1000mg/L of effective chlorine to disinfect.


3) Ordinary Masks

The masks used by ordinary people during their daily travels have a low risk of exposure to pathogenic microorganisms. Such used masks can be folded outwards, put into a ziplock bag or trash bag, sealed, tightened, and then thrown into "harmful" trash can.


During the epidemic, the replacement and disposal of masks are very important. At the same time, when buying masks, the quality of masks is also very important. Mask manufacturers should purchase high-quality mask making machines for production. For masks with different protection levels, they also need to choose different production machines, such as n95 mask making machines, surgical mask making machines, ultrasonic mask making machines, etc.


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