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Why Is Vertical Packaging Favored By The Market?

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Do you know vertical packaging? It is known as one of the fastest growing packaging formats for dry snack products in North America. Why is this eye-catching packaging type popular with consumers and manufacturers? What role does the vertical packaging machine play?


56-1 food package 

The use of vertical packaging machine


Vertical packaging machines are often used for packaging block, flake, granular, stem, branch, powder, and fluid and semi-fluid materials. It mainly relies on the gravity of the packaged items, and when necessary, it can be packaged with certain mechanical action. Vertical packaging machines generally have two packaging functions, and the two cutting functions can be easily switched. Vertical packaging machines are widely used in food, medicine and other fields.



The working principle of vertical packaging machine


The roll film placed on the supporting device is wound through the guide roller group and the tensioning device. After the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection control device, it is rolled into a film cylinder and wrapped in the filling tube by the former.


First, a longitudinal heat sealer is used to longitudinally heat seal the film at the interface that is rolled into a cylinder to obtain a sealed tube, and then the cylindrical film is moved to the transverse heat sealer for horizontal sealing to form a packaging bag tube. The metering device fills the measured items into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube, and then is heat-sealed by the transverse heat sealer and cut in the center to form the packaging bag unit body and at the same time form the bottom seal of the next tube bag.



Advantages of vertical packaging


Portability and convenience

Today's consumers desire lightweight, portable snack packaging for easy carrying in their busy lives. Therefore, the snack trend shows that smaller, more compact packaging types are very popular, especially when they have reclosable options such as zippers. This is also the characteristic of vertical packaging.


Sustainable development

Sustainable snack packaging materials are no longer a novel choice, but a demand. For many top snack brands, green packaging has become the standard. As more and more companies join the competition, vertical packaging is more environmentally friendly, and many vertical packaging machine manufacturers continue to develop more energy-saving and environmentally friendly package machines, which are in line with the sustainable development concept of vertical packaging.


Attract customers

There are so many choices in the snack market today, and shoppers are always eager to try the next best option. Consumers can satisfy their curiosity when the product is offered in a smaller "trial size" standing pouch. 


Easy to fill and seal

Snacks manufacturers or packers need to fill and seal the pouches, which can be easily done using automatic pouch packaging equipment. This type of packaging machine is easy to use, can be quickly converted to different packaging bag sizes, and reduces waste.



Do you have any questions about the vertical food packaging machine? Welcome to consult our customer service, we will patiently answer you the relevant knowledge of the packaging machine.



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