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Working Principle of Blister Packing Machine

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Blister packaging is a widely used form of packaging. For different blister packaging, blisters, cavities and boxes are different, as well as the shape, which will be packaged according to different products. In addition, there are various substrates, materials and heat sealing methods for blister packaging. 

62-3-blister packaging machine 


Working Principle of Blister Packing Machine


The workflow of automatic blister packaging machine can be roughly divided into the following steps: unwinding, film forming, filling products, heat sealing, trimming, printing, and rejecting scratch. In the mg2 planeta capsule filling machine, the PCV plastic film is transported forward by the drive belt, and then the supplement capsule machine heats the plastic film with the appropriate temperature, and then forms smooth blisters on the softened plastic film. The 300 holes capsule filling machine then presses the filling material into the mold. After that, the machine will heat seal the aluminum foil and plastic film together. If necessary, bonapace capsule filler can also print the production date, batch number and other information on the other side of aluminum foil. Finally, the lilly capsule filling machine will remove the excess packaging and recycle the waste.


In the above process, the difference between different capsule filling machine walmart is mainly blister forming device and heat sealing device. Blister forming device is divided into drum type and flat plate type. The performance of flat plate device forming device is generally better than that of drum type. The heat sealing device is also divided into drum type and flat plate type. In terms of heat sealing effect, flat plate type is better than drum type, and drum type has advantages in speed and reliability. 



How Is Blister Packaging Made



Plastic film and aluminum foil need to be placed on the foil coiler. Different foil coilers have different ways to operate and place films. Generally, the foil coiler is driven by motor, and the plastic film and aluminum foil are sent to the molding station through the guide roller and positioning roller. 


Film Forming

Due to the thermoplasticity of the plastic film, the plastic film can be formed as required when transferred to the molding mold. The heating temperature should be adjusted according to the plastic film. For hard plastic film, the temperature needs to be 110-130 ℃. The temperature of the heating element is much higher than this. The heating methods are divided into radiation heating and conduction heating. The conversion rate of radiation heating is high. Therefore, it is better to use radiation heating method to heat the plastic film.


Filling Products

After the oil capsule filling machine completes the product filling, the product needs to be sealed immediately. Generally, aluminum foil is used to seal the product. 



Through the above steps, the 400 holes capsule filling machine has basically completed the packaging of products. After that, the semi automatic encapsulation machine needs to trim, print and scrap the packaging. At this time, the blister is still integrated, and it is transported to the trimming station for trimming, and the corners are usually shaped to be round. After that, the drug packaging machine prints the necessary information on the package. After passing the above steps, the blister package can be completed.



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