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Working Principle of Capsule Filling Machine

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30-2-pill filler powder

With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for capsule filling device is increasing, and the quality requirements of drug filling are also higher and higher. Gel capsule filling machine can be applied in health products factory, small pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical research unit, hospital preparation room, special clinic, pharmacy, tonic health product shop and other units to fill capsules.



1. Working Principle of Capsule Filling Machine


(1) Empty capsules are discharged from the capsule hopper and pushed into position 1 (sequencing station) orderly by the push rod through the capsule tank. In this station, the upper and lower parts of the capsule body are separated by vacuum suction. The capsule cap is on the upper module, and the capsule body is in the lower module, and then it enters station 2, which is usually the monitoring station of the operator.


(2) After passing through the third transition station, the capsule cap and capsule body enter the filling station 4, 5 and 6. The filling station is to push the filled and pressed medicine column (capsule filler powder column) into the capsule body of the lower module. Generally, powder filling is completed in station 5, tablet filling in station 4, and pellet filling in station 6.


(3) After the transition station of station 7, the filled capsules enter the 8th station, and the unqualified capsules can be eliminated in this station, including the unseparated capsules, the incorrect inserted capsules or the capsules with two capsule caps. The purpose is to ensure that the packaged capsules are filled correctly.


(4) Station 9 is the positioning station, where the machine aligns the upper and lower parts of the capsule. After the capsule is aligned up and down, it enters the 10th station, which is the sealing station. This station has a special top bar to do up and down reciprocating movement. When the equipment runs here, it has completed the automatic filling of capsules of capsule and pill filler powder.


(5) The filled capsule comes to the 11th station, also called the capsule discharge station. The capsule is ejected or discharged by the fixed rod. The 12th station is a vacuum cleaning station with automatic purging parts to clean the upper and lower modules. After that, it will enter the next work cycle of capsule making.



2. Characteristics of Capsule Filling Machine


(1) Because a large number of molds are adopted, the production conversion of products with different specifications can be realized quickly and simply.


(2) The standard sequencing module realizes the automatic feeding and sequencing of empty automatic capsules.


(3) With the application of vacuum pump, the product is automatically sucked out into the finished product hopper.


(4) The main drive motor of the equipment adopts frequency conversion control, and the production operation is divided into automatic mode and inching mode.


(5) PLC program control system and touch panel improve the safety and stability of production and improve the production efficiency to a greater extent.


(6) It is fully enclosed production, safety and health, with low noise, fast speed and high filling accuracy.


As far as the domestic pharmaceutical market is concerned, some capsule filling equipment have some problems, such as powder splashing, poor filling accuracy, empty or broken capsules, etc. These problems will not only affect the quality of products and the normal operation of equipment, but also cause huge losses to pharmaceutical enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to select high-quality enterprises and products to make capsules after understanding the principle of capsule bottling machine. Urban will be a good choice!



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