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Tablet Press Machine

Tablet & Pill Press Machine Used To Press The Granules Into Round, Oval, Diamond, Ring, Various Special-Shaped Tablets And Two Color Three Color Tablets. Tablet Press Capacity Upper To 15,000 - 260,000 Pcs One Hour, Meets cGMP
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Provide personalized and professional pharmaceutical packaging machine solutions.  
We have complete production line and testing equipment, including CNC process center
We have our own team to research, design, produce and sell.
We have passed IS0 9001:2005.CE standard, stable, reliable.
We are a company combined with R&D, production and sales wholly.
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We Can Provide You
We Support product customization, any requirements you need can be customized according to your requirements. We can Make a machine layout for customers based on customers' factories. 

If customer have the drawing, which includes the dimensions, materials, special requirements, then we can make the mold according to the drawing. If customer have no drawing, but have sample, then a sample need to be sent to our engineer, then we will gauge dimensions, and make a drawing. Then we make a mold according to the drawing. 

  We have passed IS0 9001:2005. CE standard, stable, reliable

  Our products compare favorably with other traders

  With excellent quality, firt-class service, honest business

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As you know, China is the only country around the globe that meets up to 98% of its local demand for pharmaceutical product and the market size is more than USD ……Billion with yearly double digit growth. The industry also exports pharmaceutical packaging machine equipments to global markets, including regulated market as well.

It‘s now the high time to grow and prosper with professional skilled human resources with updated & technologically advanced . We need to re-think the current business models and move to be more global, innovation led growth.

The URBAN Machinery of tomorrow will have a business presence in many markets of the world across the fields of pharmaceuticals keeping its strong relationship.

We expect that the international component of our pharmaceutical machinery business will grow significantly in width and depth in upcoming days. Urban is determined to achieve its goal of becoming a key partner in nice pharmatech solutions with affordable price. And to do this we will continue to capitalize and build on the unique mode management style practicing our core values by encouraging and developing skills of our manpower with the backdrop of our business motto: Quality machine, Quality service and Quality production.

Our honor certificate
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