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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

As a professional automatic capsule filling machine manufacturer & supplier, with over 20 years of experience and more than 300 customers,we provide lifetime guarantee capsule filling machines to meet your capsule filling needs




Automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for filling powder, granules,oil or liquid to empty capsules, can fill up to tens of thousand capsule per hour, can start a production of size 00,0,1,2,3,4,5 size and safety capsule with the change of mold as high filling efficiency. The fast filling speed saves up a cost of human labor. 

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The NJP-3800C automatic capsule filling machine produced by our company is the innovative product of the third generation. It not only covers all the functions and effects of the domestic capsule filling machine of the same model, but also has four innovative technologies: a. structure of the machine base has been improved; b. turntable structure has been innovated; c. filling structure has been innovated; d. Finished capsule outlet structure has been innovated.
Appplicable for 000#~5# capsule 1. Opening and locking of capsule can be controlled automatically which is safe and convenient. 2. Equipped with inching control system, which makes it easy and convenient for cleaning, loading and unloading of upper and lower dies.
Specification: Up to 24000 Capsules/hour Appplicable for 000#~5# capsule Suitable for powder, granule, pellet, tablet
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