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Automatic Counting Machine

Urban Electronic Automatic Counting Machine Used For Counting And Bottling Tablets Capsules Pills Candy Gummy. Counting Accuracy over 99.98%, Capacity Upper To 30-200 Bottles In One Minute, Meets CE cGMP ISO, 7 Days Delivery ,Lifetime Maintence

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This full automatic bottle labeling machine can be used for single side and double side labeling.It can label about 50 bottles/min.This can help you improve working efficiency greatly.This machine is suitable for PET bottles,metal bottles,glass bottles etc.It is widely used in food,beverage,cosmetic ndustries.
Applicable for different -size round, rectangular and most irregular bottles and containers. Max.capacity:200 Bottles/Min Size of cap(Diameter):15-100 MM Size of Bottle:15-2000 ML Height of bottle:30-300mm This machine can not only be used as a stand-alone machine, but also can form a linked production line with other supporting equipment such as bottle unscrambler, tablet counting machine, paper plugging machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc
This machine is developed by our company with many years of experience in the production of capping equipment in the condiment industry. It integrates automatic lid sorting, lid loading, and automatic vacuuming and screwing. A vacuum pump is used to vacuum the sealed vacuum chamber to obtain a high degree of vacuum. It has the function of automatic alarm if no bottle, no cap, lack of cover, high degree of automation, main pneumatic and electrical components adopt internationally renowned brands, stable and reliable performance, widely used in food cans, beverages, condiments, health products and other industries.
Automatic Desiccant Sachet Filling Machine works through color ribbon sensor, conveyor belt driven by stepper motor, cutting device, position-fixed cylinder and fibre optic sensor. This machine adopts high-durability knife edge, and the cutting is accurate. It has advantageous features such as: easy to adjust, clean, maintain with low operation and maintenance cost. It takes up relatively less space with low energy consumption. The machine framework and body adopt 304 stainless steel material, which meets GMP standard.
Equipment Linear Unscrambler For Bottle The equipment adopts the integrated design of the hoist and the main machine, which saves space. It is mainly used for wide-mouth bottles and bottles with large differences in capacity. The width of some mechanisms can be adjusted to adapt to a wide range of bottle types.
For Packing Capsule Tablet Gummy Candy.....
Application: 000-5#Capsule, Softgel, φ5.5-12plain tablet, irregular tablet, sugar coated tablet, φ3-12 granules and other relevant solid granules
Application: Counting Accuracy>99.97%. Capacity Upper to 100 Bottles/Min. 7*24 Hour Continuous Operation
Application Automatic Counting Machine is suitable for various different capabilities, including capsules, tablets
Application This machine can be widely used for fast counting and bottling of various shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules, pills and other medicines or food, health care products and other materials.
Application It is suitable for various different capabilities, including capsules, tablets, pills,candy, gummy
Application Automatic Counting Machine is suitable for various different capabilities, including capsules, tablets
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Urban Machinery company limited is a professional Exporter engaged in the research, sales and service specially for pharmaceutical packaging industries such as plastic ampoule filling, capsule tablet counting machines.
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