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Powder mixer machine

Powder Mixing Machine are designed for mixing powder and granulated materials. Dry & Wet Powder Mixing is a very common unit operation in pharmaceutical, food, chemical Industries and etc. We offer V-Type Mixers, 3D Mixers and Horizontal Mixers

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This machine is mainly used for the uniform mixing of powder, granular and other materials in various industries.This v-mixer is suitable for mixing powdery or granular materials. Through mechanical transmission, the materials in these cylinders move back and forth and turn over repeatedly, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.
Main Uses This machine is applicable to mix dry granule material for pharmacy and other relative industries.
Main Uses: This machine is widely applied for the mixing of powder material in pharmacy, chemical, and foodstuff industries, as well as for the quick and even mixing of various materials in different granules size and specific gravity.
This machine is mainly used for the uniform mixing of powder,granular and other materials in various industries.
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