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Suitable for sealing plastic bottles and glass bottles such as pesticides, medicines, food, cosmetics, oils and fats
The tablet press is a kind of equipment widely used in many industries, and it is necessary to pay attention to mold specifications, cleaning and inspection when using, and follow the instructions. Routine maintenance includes regular inspection of wearing parts and distance from sources. Standard operation and maintenance is the key to the durability of the tablet press, and the operator needs to be familiar with the basic knowledge of the machine structure and transmission system.
The counting machine is an efficient and automated packaging machine that can quickly and accurately dispense and package drugs according to a predetermined dose. It can not only improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also ensure the quality and stability of drugs.
The desiccant is inserted into the machine, which is equipped with very large scale integrated circuit, controlled by microcomputer and touch screen of english characters.Microcomputer configuration, not only can use the touch screen to facilitate the input of various data, but also after the device starts the operation of the labeling machine for all-round control. PLC controlled desiccant inserting machine is our company's upgrade products, the equipment structure is simple and reasonable, easy to operate.According to the specifications and characteristics of bottles and desiccant, the production capacity can be adjusted stepless.Selection of the desiccant into the machine is highly adaptable to bottles, for food, medicine, cosmetics and other specifications of glass bottles and plastic bottles, color standard, colorless standard disc-shaped bag desiccant, can be in accordance with the requirements of the desiccant into the bag
It is used for applying self-adhesive labels onto various round bottles, no matter pet bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles or vials. Widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, plastics, printing and other industries. It can select code printer or inkjet coder to labeling head to realize print product's date, system number, bar code and other information. It also can be connected with assembly line.
Automatic Capping Screwing machine adopts ladder-type lifing cap unscrambling, with low noise and stable cap conveying.Caps can automatically full back into cap hopper if they are in wrong direction, ensure the accuracy of capping.
Suppository refers to a solid preparation of a drug and a suitable substrate of a certain shape for delivery in the body cavity. Suppository is solid at room temperature, after plugging into the cavity, it can quickly soften and melt or dissolve in the secretion at body temperature, and gradually release the drug to produce local or systemic effects.
Frame in anodized aluminum completely covered in stainless steel 304 * Adjustable support legs for in-line positioning and levelling. with ± 38 mm (1 ½ ‘’) adjustment capability * Raised working surface for easy cleaning * Machine as multiple brushless motors for a smooth and flexible machine operation * Electrical and mechanical part located inside the machine frame for a complete protection * Top plate of the base completely sealed against liquid infiltration protecting all internal mechanical parts
Automatic capsule filling machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, equipped with electronic automatic counting device, the machine has sensitive action, accurate filling dose, novel structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, can automatically complete the capsule in place, separation, filling, locking and other actions, reduce labor intensity. Improve production efficiency and meet pharmaceutical hygiene requirements.
And that's a wrap for CPHI & PMEC China 2024!Deals have been struck, partnerships forged, and expertise gathered right here at the heart of pharma
High efficiency coating machine is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean mechatronics equipment which can be used for organic film coating, water soluble film coating, slow and controlled release coating for tablets, pills and candies. Coating machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. According to the pot body material can be divided into stainless steel, copper two kinds. According to the heat exchange efficiency can be divided into hole coating machine, non-hole coating machine two kinds. According to the production capacity, there are two types: production type and experimental type. The latest technology of experimental high-efficiency coating machine has the same machine can coat 0.2kg, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 8kg, 13kg capacity, greatly improving the practicality of coating machine applied in research.
Capsule-Filling Machine is a new type of medicine filling machine with novel structure and attractive appearance. Under both electrical and pneumatic control and equipped with and automatic electronic counter and computer-controlled speed-adjusting device, the machine can accomplish the positioning, separation and locking etc. of capsules. In place of manual capsule-filling, it can reduce labor intensity and raise productivity. Its filling amounts are accurate and up to sanitary standards for pharmaceutics. The machine consists of capsule-feeding, U-turning and separating mechanism, material medicine-filling mechanism, locking device, electronic speed varying and adjusting mechanism, electrical and pneumatic control system protection device as well as accessories such as vacuum pump and air pump. China machine-made capsules or the imported are applicable to this machine, with which the finished product qualification rate can be above 98%.
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