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📣 Invitation to the 135th Canton Fair We cordially invite you to visit our booth 19.1D08 to explore our latest products and discuss potential business opportunities.
CPHI & PMEC China is Asia's leading pharmaceutical show for trading, knowledge sharing and networking. It spans all industry sectors along the pharmaceutical supply chain and is your one-stop platform to grow business in the 2nd largest pharma market in the world.
China, April 15th to 19th - As a leading manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, Urban Machine will grandly participate in the up coming 135th Canton Fair exhibition held at guangzhou. We will be carrying a range of outstanding exhibits, including capsule filling machine,tablet presse, blister packing machine and automatic counting bottling machine, showcasing our latest innovations to industry professionals.
Urban Machine will grandly participate in the up coming 2024ACHEMA exhibition held at Frankfurt, Germany. our booth will be a must-see spot for industry professionals. We will provide the audience with a demonstration of the equipment in action, explaining how our technology can meet the needs of the pharmaceutical and packaging fields.
Exhibition to discuss the successful automatic capsule filling machine project.
Capsule and tablet turnkey projects, including clean room, power generation, factory planning and design, equipment installation, etc.
This project uses a servo motor-driven die-drawing system and a pneumatic transmission system that are perfectly combined in the design. The bag length control is very precise, the equipment runs smoothly, and the performance is more stable. In addition, a liquid level sensor is used to detect the liquid level in the balance tank to ensure accurate measurement.
Calcium tablets and other health foods. Using a double-pressure automatic rotating and continuous tableting machine, the granular raw materials are pressed into discs, engraved and special-shaped and two-color tablets.
The overall solution for solid preparations includes extraction, concentration equipment, weighing and batching, feeding and crushing, material transportation and operation, granulation, boiling drying, mixing, tableting, capsule filling, blister packaging integration, several pill bottling lines, packaging, etc. Process equipment. Urban's overall solution can better meet the characteristics of pharmaceutical processes, improve equipment connection efficiency, provide efficient and convenient one-stop services, and meet higher requirements for equipment in terms of automation, informatization, intelligence, etc. In this way, it can help customers form competitive advantages and expand their business territory in the market.
LAF type clean laminar flow hood is used in precision electronic device operation rooms and pharmaceutical workshops for safe washing, drying and filling and sealing lines, antibiotic bottle washing, drying and filling and sealing lines, oral liquid bottle washing, drying and filling and sealing lines, clean air supply processing on large infusion production lines, etc. widely used in the environment. The fan adopts high-quality centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of long life, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, and stepless speed adjustment. The fan quality is reliable and the working life is as long as 100,000 hours or more.
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Urban Machinery company limited is a professional Exporter engaged in the research, sales and service specially for pharmaceutical packaging industries such as plastic ampoule filling, capsule tablet counting machines.
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