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Tablet Press Machine

Tablet & Pill Press Machine Used To Press The Granules Into Round, Oval, Diamond, Ring, Various Special-Shaped Tablets And Two Color Three Color Tablets. Tablet Press Capacity Upper To 15,000 - 260,000 Pcs One Hour, Meets cGMP

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Application High quality machines are based on advanced and reasonable design. New design GZPK370 series high speed tablet press is developed on the basis of years manufacture expertise with it's excellent standardization and modularity in series.
Application GZP500 series high-speed rotary tablet press can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, but also for food, chemical, electronics and other industries. Various granular raw materials that meet the requirements of tablet pressing are pressed into tablet form.
Application: Tablet press machine is available in various tablet shapes for your requirements.
Application: This machine can press granular raw materials into discs, engraved and special shaped, two-color tablets.
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Urban Machinery company limited is a professional Exporter engaged in the research, sales and service specially for pharmaceutical packaging industries such as plastic ampoule filling, capsule tablet counting machines.
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