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This machine is suitable for packing all kinds of tablets, capsules with double-aluminum strip in pharmaceutical and health product industries, and the similar tablet-shaped electronic components in electron industry; with good sealing and light-tight effect, it greatly prolongs the quality guarantee period of product, and the finished products are easy to take.
NJP-4000D can be used to encapsulate powder, granules and pellets in pre- determined dosages. The machine can be divided into upper and lower components. The lower components are mechanical and electrical components that drives the capsule filling process which consists of parts like motor, vacuum pump, drive belts, safety clutch, air compressor etc.The filling of the capsules is carried out in the upper segment of the machine consisting of components like capsule hopper, powder hopper, 12 stations on a rotary plate, filling station assembly and other components as part of filling process.
full automatic hard shell capsule filling machine adopts an international advanced design concept. Through the clearance operation, the full automatic hard capsule filling machine is completed by the pressure type of the high precision metering disc filling rod. The design of the equipment parts is precise, the appearance is beautiful and practical, the operation is smooth, the mold can be replaced simply and quickly, and the capsule sorting ,Separating, filling, removing, locking, popping up, cleaning and many other processes can be completed automatically. The equipment design is fully in line with the requirements of CGMP specification. It is an intelligent device for pharmaceutical production, health care products and capsule production in food industry.
The NJP1200D is a filling and closing machine for hard gelatine capsules. The machine is suitable for a wide variety of even the most difficult products. Due to its modular structure the machine can fill capsules with powder and pellets in different combinations. The machine has a small footprint, cleaning and size change can be effected fast and easy. Operation is uncomplicated, effected via the touch screen of the integrated control cabinet.
It is suitable for small batch filling for different product and widely used for Oral solution, liquid, pesticide, perfume, lotion, fruit pulp, etc. health care product etc in pharmaceutical, pesticide, cosmetic, food and supplement area.
Box packing machine is widely applied in the single piece transparent film automatic packaging of all varieties of box-type things in the industries of pharmacy, food, healthy products, cosmetics, commodities, stationary and office supplies poker and cigarettes etc.
The machine is suitable for liquid, medicine, beverage, health product, food, perfume, pesticide, cosmetics, electronic cigarette oil, dairy product, fruit pulp, oil and the like.
This machine is a kind of compact type liquid filling and sealing machine, it is suitable for small batch filling for different product and widely used for filling oral liquid, perfume, liquid , essential oil, olive oil, health care product etc in pharmaceutical, herbal, pesticide, cosmetic, food and supplement area.
The Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine can automatically finish the bottle filling, bottle capping. With the no bottle no filling feature. The machine with scientific structure can be single used, and also can be used with production line .It is the ideal liquid filling production equipment, completely meet with GMP requirements.
Electronic Counting Machine is mainly suitable for industry, chemical industry, food and other industries. This machine can be used independently, and can also form a linked production line with other supporting equipment such as bottle unscrambler, paper stopper, capping machine, sealing and labeling machine.
Automatic Rotary Bottle Conveyor is suitable for cosmetic, food and other industries. It can convey glass bottles, plastic bottles, round bottles and square bottles. The product can convey bottles in order to the next working procedure, making it more efficiently to arrange bottles.
softgel capsule making machine is a new generation of roller die type water cooling type soft gelatin encapsulation machine that optimized designed and precise manufactured on the basis of foreign latest technology. The main technical index meets the international advanced level and conforms with the GMP standard. It consists of main machine, gelatin melting tank, insulated gelatin storage tank, electric control cabinet, conveyor, shape/drying rotary cage, colloid mill etc. The working principles: put the oil, gelatin-insoluble liquid, paste, plaster (e.g. extract plaster) inject into between two gelatin skin quantificational, through the two roller dies and press and cutting into various shape soft capsules, such as egg shape, fish shape, cylinder, ball shape, calabash shape. The product is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health food and pesticide etc.
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Urban Machinery company limited is a professional Exporter engaged in the research, sales and service specially for pharmaceutical packaging industries such as plastic ampoule filling, capsule tablet counting machines.
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