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Liquid Filling And Capping Machine

We are committed to producing liquid filling production lines. The liquid filling and capping machine can be used to fill various types of liquids and pastes. Filling is accurate and production is fast. It is also suitable for various types of bottles, and the filling volume can be adjusted through accessories to meet various production needs. Applicable to various pharmaceutical companies and daily chemical companies.We are OEM plant,pls tell me your specific inquiry,our technician would design the whole pharma packaging solution and spray filling machine for you.

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1.Equipped with peristaltic pump,the liquid will not pass through the pump,ensures the production quality 2.with vibratory bowl sorter,it can automatically feed test tube and caps 3.Full automated production,this line saves working labor and reduce production
Used for vials, oral liquid bottles, antibiotic bottles (glass, plastic, pvc), etc. It is suitable for various material bottle types, suitable for medicine, health care products, chemical cosmetics and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for batch washing bottle production. This equipment is strictly Manufactured in accordance with "GMP" production specifications, in line with "GMP" requirements.
It's mainly suitable for pharmaceutical, health care products,food and beverage,chemicals,pesticides, and other industries.The Automatic Liquid Filling and Capping Machine can automatically finish the bottle filling, bottle capping. With the no bottle no filling feature. The machine with scientific structure can be single used, and also can be used with production line .It is the ideal liquid filling production equipment, completely meet with GMP requirements.
Widely used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries, it sets the filling, capping,capping in one, has the advantages of compact structure,small occupation area, can be suitable for round bottle for special-shaped bottle.
3 Years Warranty | The main function is:Bottle loading-Filling-Inserting plugger/Cap-Capping-Output,no bottle no filling,easy opeation but meet your big production.
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