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Bangladesh, powder sachet packing line


This project uses a servo motor-driven die-drawing system and a pneumatic transmission system that are perfectly combined in the design. The bag length control is very precise, the equipment runs smoothly, and the performance is more stable. In addition, a liquid level sensor is used to detect the liquid level in the balance tank to ensure accurate measurement. The hydroxyl group and strong ultraviolet light emitted by multiple groups of quartz lamps sterilize the packaging film, and the sterilization effect is good; the equipment is connected to the CIP system, which can realize automatic cycle cleaning and effectively remove residues in the liquid supply pipeline; the external film correction device The design ensures that the packaged goods are always filled in a closed environment, which is more in line with food hygiene and safety requirements.

It adopts modular design, PLC control, simple operation, and convenient use and maintenance. The packaging form of the product of this machine is a pillow-type back-seal bag, which can use either three-layer co-extruded film or retort film, dry composite film or multi-layer co-extruded composite film (PE/PA/PET, PE/PA, PE/PET, PE/BOPP, PE/AL/PET, etc.) are used as packaging materials, and can automatically complete packaging processes such as bag making, filling, measuring, sealing and cutting, and date printing.

Bangladesh, powder sachet packing line 1

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