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CPHI China 2024 Asia's Premier Pharma Event


19-21 June 2024

Shanghai New International Expo Center

CPHI China 2024 Asia's Premier Pharma Event 1

CPHI & PMEC China is Asia's leading pharmaceutical show for trading, knowledge sharing and networking.  It spans all industry sectors along the pharmaceutical supply chain and is your one-stop platform to grow business in the 2nd largest pharma market in the world. 


Exhibit highlights:

1. Capsule filling machine: We show cased the NJP series of high-efficiency and intelligent pharmaceutical capsule filling machines. Our NJP series equipment not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures drug quality and safety.

2. Tablet Press: Our advanced tablet press provide highly precise control and stability during the tablet manufacturing process to ensure consistent product quality, and can greatly improve production efficiency.

3. Blister packaging machine: Our blister machine uses innovative technology to provide safe and hygienic packaging for pharmaceuticals. A high degree of automation and customization options can meet the needs of different customers.

4. Automatic counting machine for tablet capsule gummy candy: It can efficiently and accurately complete the packaging of medicines gummies, improve production efficiency, and at the same time ensure the accuracy and hygiene standards of medicines.


About Urban Machine Company:

Urban Machine is a leading global manufacturer specializing in pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, headquartered in Wenzhou, China. Over the past ten years, we have continued to innovate and are committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient equipment and solutions.


Contact information:

Coil Zhan/Abby Ying

Email: sales@urbanpackline.com

Tel/WhatsApp: +86-15868796535/+86-13967786466

The 135th Canton Fair
Urban machine will be unveiled at 135th Canton Fair
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Urban Machinery company limited is a professional Exporter engaged in the research, sales and service specially for pharmaceutical packaging industries such as plastic ampoule filling, capsule tablet counting machines.
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