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Liquid blister packing machine DPP-260


Liquid blister packing machine DPP-260 1

Product features:

1.Forming, heating sealing, batch marking, impression and cutting are with 

Rack mandrel for exact and easy fixed position. it is equipped with ruler for easy correction and accuracy orientation.

2.Mechanical hand traction:  it adopts double rod of pendulum device which can increase the stroke travel range (up to 180mm). it widely is suitable for all kinds of size packaging of blister.  Plate heating, positive forming, upper and lower web plates,  heating sealing , automatic feeding, automatic impression and embossing and automatic cutting are easy and reliable operation.

3.It has Positive pressure forming and mechanical punch for uniformity and perfect blister forming. It is applicable for packaging with larger size or special shaped of honey pill, big honey pills and etc. it is equipped with special automatic feeder for packaging of ampoule, syringes and injection vial. It is a machine with wide range of application for packaging.

4.The main drive shaft adopts parallel axis bevel gear reducer, forming, heating sealing, impression and etc. which of mould are adopting pill for tightly and accuracy position-setting, easier to change an save packing material.

5.The body of machine can be produced under the split production for easier moving into the working room.


1.Optional Equipped with Photocell detecting device 

2.Optional Equipped with Acylic glass cover 

3.Optional Equipped with ink jet coding device 

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