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2024 CPHI & PEMC China


2024 CPHI & PEMC China 

2024 CPHI & PEMC China  1

CPHI  was a great success in Shanghai,China.  Both exhibitors and visitors were seeking better options and sharing valuable resources.  Over these three days, every moment counted .there were 29 halls ,The exhibition was big,Frankly, three days weren't enough, four days would have been perfect.

2024 CPHI & PEMC China  2

The atmosphere on the show floor is incredible, with 60,000 registered visitors and over 3,500 exhibitors gathered in Shanghai at the heart of pharma. We spoke with exhibitors and attendees to get their insights on this remarkable day of business opportunity. Our attendees and exhibitors immersed themselves in networking, groundbreaking innovations, and insightful sessions.

2024 CPHI & PEMC China  3

We gained significantly, making new acquaintances and having face-to-face discussions with old friends about pricing and delivery schedules.  We reintroduced our company's growth, new equipment investments, and new products developments, allowing customers to gain deeper insights into our operations.  Looking forward to meeting again next year!

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