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The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D


This product draws on the design of foreign professional manufacturers, combined with the company's more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience of automatic high-speed capsule filling machine, technical parameters and configuration have reached the international equivalent level.

The improvement and parameters of the new model and the old model are as follows:

1. 140D high specification CAM divider (made in Taiwan) with a smaller diameter (¢462) rotating disk, compared with the previous generation of products torque, stable operation, longer life; The movement structure of the turntable and module shaft adopts engineering plastic bearings (made in Germany), and the refueling maintenance cycle can be extended to 3 years.

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D 1

2. The whole transmission bag is sealed, dust and damaged capsules can not enter the transmission room, the maintenance cycle of the transmission room is extended, and the failure rate is very low; The moving parts are upgraded from the original optical linear transmission to the linear guide rail (made in Taiwan), and the radial positioning is more accurate.

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D 2

3. The excess powder on the module will overflow during the process of capsule locking, and the locking structure with dust suction function effectively removes the excess powder.

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D 3

4. The bagging method of products in the past dynasties adopts double row and single set of scraper cylinders, which inevitably causes inconsistency between cylinder action and mechanical action; The newly designed double-row grouping bag effectively avoids mechanical injury to the finished product.

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D 4

5. The transmission structure is also driven by internal CAM, the layout and fulcrum of the new model are more reasonable, the overall simplicity and large maintenance space; The spindle bearing bracket is connected with the upper and lower frame, which improves the overall strength of the frame and effectively controls the vibration caused by the powder filling process.

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D 5

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