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The Features Of Coating Machine


The Features Of Coating Machine 1

Working principle:

The coating machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of pills and tablets, and can also be used for the rolling, mixing and polishing of spherical or granular materials in the food, light industry and chemical industry. For example: chocolate polishing, wrapping peanuts, sugar, seasoning, manufacturing glutinous rice balls, pearl powder balls, rolling desiccant, production of chemical fillers, aluminum hydroxide balls, aluminum oxide balls, porcelain molecular sieve, catalyst. This machine is suitable for clinic, college laboratory, research institute, pharmacy and other chemical industry.

The pan body is rotated clockwise to make the sugar-coated tablets roll and slide in the pan, and the sugar-coated powder is evenly distributed on all the plain tablets by pouring the sugar-coated powder into the hand. The electric thermal blower attached with the machine can be heated by extending the outlet pipe into the ball. At the same time, the blower can pass hot air into the inner layer of the pan to remove the surface water of the tablets, so as to obtain the sugar-coated tablets with stiff cell.

The Features Of Coating Machine 2


1. The control system composed of PLC and HMI has reasonable design, flexible programming, can adapt to different pharmaceutical process needs, reliable work, stable performance, in line with GMP requirements.

2. Under the action of the streamline guide plate agitator, the plain sheet can be turned smoothly, exchanged frequently, and the plain sheet can be eliminated from the height and collision, and the debris and edge can be eliminated, and the yield can be improved. The narrow surface of the baffle avoids the adhesion of the dressing on its surface, saves the dressing and improves the quality of the drug.

3. Constant pressure variable peristaltic pump, cancel the return pipe. The rotation radius of the roller changes at any time with the change of pressure, and the output slurry and spray volume are automatically balanced, which stabilizes the atomization effect, simplifies the spray system, prevents the spray gun from clogging, saves the dressing, and is simple to clean and has no dead Angle.

4. Specially designed and manufactured spray gun for coating, uniform atomization, large spray surface, universal adjustable nozzle is not affected by the amount of loading; The spray gun plugs the cleaning mechanism, which can make the coating continuous, shorten the coating time and save the coating dressing.


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