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Automatic Oral Filling Capping Machine


Automatic Oral Filling Capping Machine 1

一, equipment structure

Oral liquid filling capping machine is mainly composed of conveying system, cleaning system, filling system, capping system and control system, including:

Conveying system: including conveyor belt, guide rail and other transmission devices, bottles are transported on this device.

Cleaning system: Used to clean bottles and ensure hygiene before filling.

Filling system: Used to inject the oral solution into the bottle.

Screw cap system: used to screw the lid to seal.

Control system: Used to automate the control and operation of the entire equipment.

The filling pump is the core component of the filling system of the oral liquid filling machine. Its main function is to remove the oral liquid from the liquid storage tank and fill it into the bottle. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with gas control systems, sensors and other accessories to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.

Automatic Oral Filling Capping Machine 2Automatic Oral Filling Capping Machine 3

二, work flow

The working process of the oral liquid filling machine can be divided into the following five steps:

1, conveying: the bottle from the conveyor belt into the oral liquid filling machine, through the conveying system into the cleaning system.

2, cleaning: the bottle is cleaned in the cleaning system to ensure the hygiene before filling.

3, filling: after cleaning the bottle into the filling system, under the action of the centrifugal pump, the oral liquid into the bottle.

4. Capping: the filled bottle enters the capping system, and the cap is tightened in the system to complete the sealing operation.

5, conveying: after the screw cap bottle removed from the equipment, into the next link, for packaging, printing, product storage and other follow-up links to prepare.

三, equipment characteristics

The characteristics of oral liquid filling machine can be summarized as follows:

1, high efficiency: oral liquid filling machine can achieve high-speed, continuous, stable and automated production process.

2, easy to operate: the operation of the equipment is simple and convenient, and the automatic production process control can be achieved through the touch screen operation.

3, strong flexibility: especially the filling amount is very flexible, according to different specifications of drug bottles to achieve different filling speed and accuracy.

4, service guarantee: Excellent service team at home and abroad to provide a full range of service guarantee and technical support for equipment to ensure production safety, stability and efficiency.

四. Summary

Oral liquid filling machine is a very important equipment in modern pharmaceutical equipment, which can automatically complete a series of tasks such as bottle cleaning, filling and cap rotation. It is characterized by high efficiency, easy operation and strong flexibility, which not only improves production efficiency, but also effectively reduces production costs. At the same time, the excellent service team at home and abroad provides a full range of service guarantee and technical support for the equipment, which further improves the use value of the equipment. It is believed that the application of oral liquid filling machine will be more and more extensive.

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