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Flat blister packaging machine


1, blister packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine, each packaging process are carried out at different stations.

The packaging machine is provided with a number of film conveying mechanisms, whose role is to transport the film and make it pass through the above stations to complete the blister packaging process.

The conveying mechanism of the blister packaging machine has a groove wheel mechanism, a CAM rocker mechanism, a CAM indexing mechanism, a ratchet mechanism, etc., which can be selected according to the accuracy of the conveying position, the acceleration curve and the adaptability of the packaging material.

2, heating will heat the molding film to a temperature that can be thermoformed processing, this temperature is determined according to the selection of packaging materials. For hard pvc, the temperature range that is easier to form is 110 ~ 130 ° C. The pvc film in this range has sufficient thermal strength and elongation.

The temperature has an impact on the thermoforming processing effect and the ductility of the packaging material, so the temperature control is required to be quite accurate.

However, it should be noted that the temperature referred to here is the actual temperature of the pvc film, which is directly measured on the surface of the film with a point thermometerBlister machine is a typical form of solid preparation packaging, it is a small dose plate packaging suitable for patients to use, with light weight, easy to carry, good sealing, drugs do not mix, service does not waste and other advantages, has become the mainstream of solid preparation packaging in China, in the pharmaceutical field has been widely used. The equipment used for blister packaging is called blister packaging machine, because the materials used are mostly plastic film and aluminum foil, it is also called aluminum plastic blister machine.Flat blister packaging machine 1Flat blister packaging machine working principle:

1, the plastic film is heated and softened by the heating device, and the softened film is blown into a blister by compressed air in the molding device (different blister shapes are achieved by replacing the molding mold);

2, filling and filling device will fill the material into the bubble cap (different material forms, filling device is different);

3, and then sent to the sealing device, under the appropriate temperature and pressure will cover the film and blister seal, and then through the typing embossing device to print on the batch number and press out broken lines or easy to break lines;

4, the final punching device punching into the specified size of the product plate.



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