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Blister Cartoning Packing Line (PBL-350-120CA)


Blister Cartoning Packing Line (PBL-350-120CA) 1

Ppl-350-120ca system pallet box production line is an innovative equipment launched by our company combined with advanced technology at home and abroad. It is a domestic leading level, in line with national intelligent manufacturing standards, and can be customized according to customer's personalized intelligent production. Suitable for all types of oral liquid, ampoule bottle, cassette bottle, opposite sex bottle, injection blister packaging (horizontal loading) automatic packaging production. The machine adopts PLC programming control system, which can be applied to the packaging of ampoules, medical equipment and other items at the same time. The packaging products produced can not only improve the packaging grade, increase the added value, but also save the packaging cost, and automatically complete the packaging production line.

On-line method

ampoule bottle, labeling - blister - box

Blister Cartoning Packing Line (PBL-350-120CA) 2

The material of the labeling machine enters the shock buffer feeding (to ensure that the bottle is not broken, and the label is not damaged) and runs smoothly (patent No. : 200620003599.5)

Blister Cartoning Packing Line (PBL-350-120CA) 3

The feeding mechanism uses servo drive to control the drum type separation feeding mechanism and the four-axis manipulator to absorb the drug and then put it into the PVC finished product bracket

Blister Cartoning Packing Line (PBL-350-120CA) 4

The support on the blanking conveyor belt is absorbed by the single-axis manipulator and placed on the transition conveyor belt. Then the servo scraping mechanism is scraped into the conveyor tank chain of the box filling machine (patent No. : 200620003597.6)

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