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The Development of Tablet Press


一:Market demand analysis

In 2020, the global market demand for high-speed rotary tablet presses will be 12,000 units, an increase of 8.3%. In 2021, the global market demand for high-speed rotary tablet presses was 13,000 units, an increase of 9.1%. In 2022, the global market demand for high-speed rotary tablet press will reach 15,000 units, and the compound annual growth rate will be about 10.5% in the next five years (2023-2026), and it will reach 21,000 units in 2026

The growth of global high speed tablet press market demand is mainly influenced by the following factors:

Development of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is the main application area of high-speed tablet presses, and the demand of the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow with the influence of factors such as the aging of the global population, the improvement of living standards, and the enhancement of healthcare awareness. Especially in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, governments have increased their support for the pharmaceutical industry, promoting the development and production of new drugs. The global pharmaceutical market will reach $1.6 trillion by 2022.

Growth in the food and chemical industries. The food and chemical industry is also an important application field of high-speed tablet press, with the increasing demand of global consumers for food safety, nutrition and health, personalization and other aspects, the demand for high-speed tablet press in the food and chemical industry is also increasing. Especially in functional food, health food, pesticides, fertilizers and other aspects, high-speed tablet press can provide better molding effect and quality control. In 2022, the global food and chemical markets will reach $9.5 trillion and $5.3 trillion, respectively.

The development of emerging markets. In addition to the traditional European and American markets, emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America also show the demand potential of high-speed tablet presses. The economic growth, population increase, urbanization process, infrastructure construction and other factors in these markets provide a broad space for the application of high-speed tablet press. Especially in China, India, Brazil and other countries, the market demand for high-speed tablet presses has shown a rapid growth trend. In 2022, the market demand for high-speed tablet presses in China, India, Brazil and other countries will be 4,000, 2,500 and 2,000 units, respectively.

The Development of Tablet Press  1

二: Product technology trends


The intelligence of high-speed tablet press refers to the automatic control, remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, data analysis and other functions of high-speed tablet press through the use of advanced sensors, controllers, network communication and other technologies to improve the production efficiency, quality stability and safety of high-speed tablet press. Intelligent high-speed tablet press can automatically adjust the pressure, speed, filling depth and other parameters according to different material characteristics and process requirements to achieve the best forming effect. At the same time, the intelligent high-speed tablet press can monitor and feedback the operating status and production data of the high-speed tablet press in real time through the cloud platform and mobile terminals, find and deal with abnormal situations in time, and improve the level of production management.


The greening of high-speed tablet press refers to the use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly design concepts and materials to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of high-speed tablet press and reduce the impact on the environment. The green high-speed tablet press can reduce the weight and volume, and reduce the transportation and installation costs by optimizing the structural design. At the same time, the green high-speed tablet press can reduce the noise and heat generation and improve the comfort of the working environment by using low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise and other technologies. In addition, the green high speed tablet press can extend its service life and reduce waste generation by using recyclable materials and components.


The multi-function of high-speed tablet press means that by adding or improving parts or modules, the high-speed tablet press has a variety of functions or the ability to adapt to a variety of materials or processes to meet the diverse needs of users. The multi-functional high-speed tablet press can realize the production of sheet materials of different shapes and specifications by replacing or combining molds of different shapes and specifications. At the same time, the multi-functional high-speed tablet press can realize the pre-treatment or post-treatment of the material, such as drying, mixing, crushing, grading, coating, etc., by adding or adjusting the feeder, slitter, coating and other parts or modules.

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