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In recent years, China's drug demand continues to increase, more and more drugs in a short period of time to achieve the market. At the same time, relevant regulations are also increasingly stringent requirements for pharmaceutical packaging. Recently, the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Directory (2024)" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission once again proposed that it will continue to encourage the development and production of new pharmaceutical packaging materials and technologies, that is, mixed-use, intelligent packaging and other new packaging systems and drug delivery devices.

Pharmaceutical And Packaging Machinery 2

In the face of new trends and new policies, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises are constantly strengthening research and development and innovation capabilities to create innovative products that meet market demand. With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of these innovative products, the pharmaceutical packaging field has been transformed and upgraded at a high speed.

As the upstream link of the pharmaceutical packaging industry chain, only modern, efficient, safe and automated can better improve drug production efficiency, safeguard drug safety, and become an indispensable key part of the industrial chain. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry accounts for 55.7% of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, and the market size has exceeded 100 billion yuan. It can be said that China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry has a broad market space in the future, and there is still huge potential to tap.

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