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Advantages of the NJP-1200D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


Advantages of the NJP-1200D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 1Advantages of the NJP-1200D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 2

Innovations and features

A. In order to improve the quality and production efficiency of this model, we have made significant improvement on the original 1200Dautomatic capsule filling machine. The overall machine size has been enlarged, where the main machine dimension is changed to1200×1000×2150mm.

B. For ensuring the device quality and production effects: we have selected bigger high precision dividing box, which is better than 1200Dautomatic capsule filling machine of the same model produced by other companies in domestic industry, who usually use the configuration of 83DS and 83DS cam dividing box, and whose disadvantage is that the filling speed is limited at about 900pcs capsule per minutes in proper working condition. Forcibly increasing the filling speed to about 1000pcs capsule per minutes and continuing the working condition for these machines may cause breaking of the input and output shafts and the subsequent operation stopping. Unlike other companies, we use cam dividing configuration of 100DS, and we are the first one in domestic market to use the 100DS. Although the production cost increases, we have significantly enhanced the device’s production efficiency and service life. Its filling speed has been raised up to about 1100pcs capsule per minutes. Due to these advantages, it has been widely received by customers at home and abroad. (Attached figure 1 and 2)

Advantages of the NJP-1200D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 3Advantages of the NJP-1200D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 4

We are the first one in domestic industry to use 100DS high precision cam dividing box in NJP-1200Dautomatic capsule filling machine

(Input shaft) diameter 24CM   (Output shaft) diameter 30CM

Features: larger torque, better stability and longer service life

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