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The Features Of Filling Capping Machine


The Features Of Filling Capping Machine 1

Application:can be customized for different bottle size and caps 

The Features Of Filling Capping Machine 2

Filling position

The filling head is made of stainless steel,And equipped with a lifting mechanism, to meet the requirements of not The demand of the same bottle type.

*  Stainless steel 316L 

 *  Spring loaded ball check valve 

 *  With re-enforce siliconhoses (food Grade) for product transfer 

 *  Custom attachment system for BottlingLife equipment 

 *  Final design adapted to the product to be fill (To Be Confirm)

The Features Of Filling Capping Machine 3

Filling Pump

And The Details Of Filling Pump:(piston pump by servo motor)

 ± 2% (for 0.5 ml to 5 ml fill volume) 

± 1% (for 5ml to 15 ml fill volume) 

± 0.5% (over 15ml fill volume)

The filling volume of each pump group can be adjusted as a whole or separately with high accuracy.

The Features Of Filling Capping Machine 4

Capping part

The left side is equipped with automatic cover device, and the right mechanical arm is responsible for rotating the cover, so the layout is reasonable and compact.

Transfer star wheel for Capping part

* Tube Alignment with ‘’Funnel“Device to properly introduce the pipette into the bottle

* Final independent Motortorque control

* Torque accuracy 0.2 Nm (± 2 in.-lb.) across a range of 0.56 to 22.4 Nm (5 – 100 in.-lb.)

*  Magnet Torque adjustable tighten the cap to prevent any damage to the caps

The Features Of Filling Capping Machine 5

Machine Base and Mechanical Features

Frame in anodized aluminum completely covered in stainless steel 304

*  Adjustable support legs for in-line positioning and levelling.  with ± 38 mm (1 ½ ‘’) adjustment capability

*  Raised working surface for easy cleaning

*  Machine as multiple brushless motors for a smooth and flexible machine operation

*  Electrical and mechanical part located inside the machine frame for a complete protection

*  Top plate of the base completely sealed against liquid infiltration protecting all internal mechanical parts

The Features Of Filling Capping Machine 6

The product is simpler and more convenient in terms of operation, accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on. This series of models has compact and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and conforms to GMP design standards. Adjustment of measurement can be the first large range adjust to approaching measurement, then fine-tuning. It can achieve accurate measurement without bottle, no filling without bottle.

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The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine Njp-3000D
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