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What is a suppository?


What is a suppository? 1What is a suppository? 2

What is a suppository?

Suppository refers to a solid preparation of a drug and a suitable substrate of a certain shape for delivery in the body cavity. Suppository is solid at room temperature, after plugging into the cavity, it can quickly soften and melt or dissolve in the secretion at body temperature, and gradually release the drug to produce local or systemic effects.

The action characteristics of suppositories are:

(1) The drug is not or less affected by the damage of gastrointestinal pH or enzymes; ② To avoid the irritation of the gastric mucosa;

③ Middle and lower rectal venous absorption can avoid liver first pass effect;

④ It is suitable for patients who cannot or are unwilling to take oral administration;

⑤ It can play local functions such as lubrication, antibacterial, insecticidal, astringent, analgesic and itching in the cavity passage;

⑥ Suitable for drugs that should not be taken orally.

What is a suppository? 3What is a suppository? 4

Automatic suppository filling machine workflow 

The automatic suppository filling and sealing machine has a stable and efficient preheating mold, heating mold, forming mold, belt making, filling, freezing, sealing and other production processes to complete the whole process of suppository making, with a production capacity of 5000-6000 pieces/hour. A suppository filling and sealing machine is a device used in the pharmaceutical industry to automatically fill and seal suppositories (such as rubber plugs) in pharmaceutical bottles. Its main function is to accurately inject liquid medicine or other preparations into the medicine bottle and protect the integrity and quality of the medicine through a safe and reliable sealing process.

The working process of a fully automatic suppository filling and sealing machine usually includes the following steps:

Bottle supply: Provide empty medicine bottles and position them to the filling station. This may be done through a conveyor system, rotating disk, or other feeding device.

Bottle positioning and suppository supply: Position each bottle accurately so that it is aligned with the filling and closing device. At the same time, suppositories (such as rubber plugs) are supplied to the appropriate location.

Filling: Liquid medicine is precisely injected into each bottle through the filling device. Filling units usually have metering devices that ensure that the amount of medicine in each bottle meets a predetermined standard.

Suppository closure: After filling is complete, the suppository (such as a rubber plug) is placed on the mouth of the bottle and secured to the bottle by pressure, rotation, or other means.

Testing and quality control: The sealed vial is tested to ensure that the seal is tight, there are no leaks, and the relevant quality control standards are met. This may involve security code detection, sealing strength testing, visual inspection, etc.

Bottle out and packaging: After the potting process is completed, the sealed bottle is removed from the machine and further packaging, label attaching, etc.

Fully automatic suppository filling and sealing machines increase production efficiency, ensure drug safety and consistency, and reduce the risk of manual error. It is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical enterprises and medical institutions to meet the automation needs of drug filling and sealing.


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