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The advantages of visual counting machines


The advantages of visual counting machines 1The advantages of visual counting machines 2

Features of visual counting machine

1. High speed, the material can fall like a waterfall

2. The material can be dropped in rows, and the feeding mechanism can adapt to different sizes of materials;

3. It can automatically learn and store N technical solutions, and the solution can be switched by clicking on the touch screen.

4. Can accurately identify materials with holes and transparent materials, the minimum can identify 1mm materials

5. Can distinguish the small impurities and particles in the material, not counted in the preset amount.

6. The camera is completely separated from the material, and the dust on the material will not affect the normal operation of the camera.

The state of the material is relatively not so harsh requirements (conventional counting equipment must be separated from each material to fall down, the photoelectric can count normally)

For visual purposes, the material can also be detected when 2 are connected together.

It can then detect whether the material is missing (such as the one with half of the tablet missing) and the visual counting machine can detect

It is also faster than conventional counting machines.

The disadvantage is that different materials need to learn before use is to let the system to constantly test the material to calculate a reasonable size of the material to distinguish between normal materials and missing materials.

Higher expertise is required for operators.


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