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How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine?


Requirements of personnel

Who is allowed to operate the machine?

○ Persons who are entitled to carry out such work because of their training and qualification

○ Persons who are assigned to carry out such work by the operator of the machine

How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 1

Measures to be taken before maintenance work

·Switch off the machine according to this operating manual and secure it against accidental switching on.

·Lock the main command devices and pull out the key and/or attach a warning sign to the main switch.

·Guard off the working area generously.

·Inform operating personnel and nominate a supervisor.

Measures to be taken after maintenance work before switching back on

·Check safety devices

·Check the fault-free operational procedure of the machine (collision?)

Information on maintenance work

General informations

How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 2

·Please observe all setting, maintenance, and inspection work and intervals as prescribed in the operating manual including information on exchanging parts.

·Comply with the method of switching on/off the machine as described in this manual.

·For maintenance work appropriate workshop equipment is absolutely necessary.

·Make known the location and operation of fire extinguishers.

·Take heed of the fire-alarm and fire-fighting facilities.

·Clean machine - especially connections and unions - before maintenance/repair work of oil, fuel, or protective agents.

·Do not use any corrosive cleaning agents.

Disposal of batteries/accumulators, lubricants and problem substances

Protect your environment

Do not dispose of lubricants into the regular waste, or pour into the public sewer system.

Please take such substances to special disposal facilities.

Before dismantling for further use or for scrapping clean entirely of oils and other substances that could pollute water.

How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 3

Information on maintenance work


How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 4

·Please observe lubrication instructions of the manufacturer.

·For all lubricants, a guarantee of high ageing stability must be provided. In addition, please observe that for refills the brand, oil type and quality must be retained, i.e. if changes must be made, a mixing of different oils must be avoided.

Conical lubrication nipples

All lubricant nipples must be lubricated as per the maintenance/lubrication plan.

·Clean all lubrication nipples before lubricating with a grease gun.

Generally a grease gun is sufficient for lubrication. If, however, a high-pressure gun operated with compressed air is used the overpressure should not exceed l000kPa (10 bar).

Information on cleaning

How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 5

Work instructions

How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 6How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 7

Information on cleaning

Composition of the cleaning agents

How to Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine? 8

Use only cleaning agents and^disinfectants that proven in the past to cause no damage to the machine.

New agents should be tested prior to use.

In case of doubt please inquire with our service department specifying the agent and its chemical composition.

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