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Multiple options for blister packaging


一:Packing material selection

Multiple options for blister packaging 1

Traditional pharmaceutical packaging materials are generally based on PVC as a hard sheet, its thickness is about 25-30C (0.25-0.3mm), such as PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC, PVC/PE, in addition to high barrier requirements, few other special requirements. The emerging blister packaging puts forward additional appearance and processing performance requirements for packaging materials (appearance requirements such as: adjustable color, matte production, skin surface, etc.; Processing performance requirements such as: blister hard texture, forming depth, material tensile uniformity), so the chemical composition and processing performance of the packaging material must be significantly different from that of traditional pharmaceutical packaging materials. The types, properties and applications of common blister packaging materials are shown in Table 1, according to which packaging materials can be purchased.

Some new blister packaging tends to choose PET with better processing performance as the package material, because PET thickness is generally above 50C (or even 75C), so its molding and cutting is more difficult; The application of PVC/PVDC, which also has high barrier properties but lower cost than cold aluminum, is increasing; Although the traditional aluminum packaging can meet the requirements of high-grade appearance and high barrier, its shortcomings of easy extrusion deformation and high cost limit its application in cosmetics and other industries; Traditional capsule blister pattern printing requirements, no need to mark, most of the new blister need to mark, or even double marking, the stability of the equipment requirements

二:Forming depth

Multiple options for blister packaging 2

The depth of the traditional capsule blister is about 3-10mm, and the depth requirements of the emerging blister are far beyond this range

1. The depth of most liquid daily cosmetics blister is up to 25mm, and even the depth of some medical device blister packaging needs to be 60mm.

2. For the consideration of instrument testing, some medical test paper blister packaging is long, its depth is generally less than 3mm, and the spacing between the blister and the blister is even only 2mm, which puts forward new requirements for the hard plastic molding process, the accuracy of the mold, the precision of the pointer point cutting, and the toughness of the material.

三:Blanking method

The traditional medicine bag generally uses the tablet capsule feeder, this feeding method will inevitably appear the bubble bag empty situation, have to manually fill the material, so the vibration feeder, drum feeder, gate feeder and empty capsule visual identification system came into being, but the emergence of these feeder still can not meet the industry's increasingly rich blister packaging needs. For example, we will take into account the viscosity, pH and filling accuracy of the liquid cream. Most of the medical devices, electronic cigarette industry products are shaped, we use the most original manual feeding method, high automation requirements for customers we will install mechanical arms or spider hands according to the actual situation of the product

四:Sealed opening mode

Multiple options for blister packaging 3

From the principle point of view, the blister packaging machine sealing method are hot sealing, but the traditional pill can be directly opened by hand aluminum cover film, the sealing method of the equipment is not high, and the blister industry not only requires a firm seal, but also tore beautiful; Some blister opening mode is even directly broken, which also makes the blister packaging machine develop in the direction of non-standard customization; The design of the mold needs to reserve easy to tear and break bits; The selection of package materials puts forward higher requirements.

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