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The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine


The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine 1

New Model of capsule filling machine change to touch screen operate control,convenient operation, prolongs the service life ofthe whole body, and more high-end.

Broadcast capsule part adopts the structure of fully automatic capsule filling machine, so asto enhance the precision reduces friction, lock capsule part adopts flat mode, using the pneumatic principle to achieve theautomation, effectively prevent powder tremor, improve product quality,reduce manpower, easy to use.

The new model of Capsule filling machine is of pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the advantages of novel structure, beautiful shape, the use of mechanical and electrica integration control, pneumatic control, equipped with Siemens programmable control (PLC)device, frequency conversion stepless speed regulating device, can respectively complete capsule in place, separation, filling, locking action, on the basis of NTj-C also greatly improved, thus to replace the manual filling,  reduce labor intensity, improve the production efficiency, accurate filling dose on the basis of upgrade again, more in line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and health.

This machine is composed of several parts: send cystic U-turn separation mechanism, filling mechanism, locking mechanism, variable frequency speed regulating mechanism and pneumatic control and electric control system,protection device and other components, vacuum pump and pump accessories.  Domestic or imported capsule all can be applied, product qualification rate reached 98%.

2.Functions of Main Parts

1)Capsule-sowing mechanism

The mechanism is the hollow capsules from the hopper inserting to the broadcastcapsule tube, see Pic(l)Broadcast capsule tube is arranged below the card reedswitch, when sowing capsule tube is driven by the eccentric wheel falls to the bottom, clamp spring switch pressure the broadcast capsule and pen,then putone rowcapsule(1#,2#,3#,4#,5# and one row 7capsules,0#-6capsules,00#-5capsules,000#-4capsules) Remark:(1#,2#,3#,4#,5# of 420capsule per each,0# of 360 capsules per each,  00# of 300 capsules per each, 000# of 240 capsule per each), when the broadcase capsule tube torise,the clamp spring will close the broadcase capsule tube at once.  Have been falling incapsule comb pushed capsule on Intercalation pushed forward to U-turn position, capsule compression bag

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine 2

The Features Of Capsule Filling Machine 3

downward pressure and at the same time a U-tum (body down cap upwards), below the diewith negative pressure airflow, when the capsule compression sac head under pressure to leavethe capsule comb, a capsule mould holes under the action of airflow suction mould. becausethe upper mold hole is a small step to prevent the capsule cap in the upper mould, the capsulebody afiected by vacuum continued to decline to the lower die hole, the agency completedcapsule discharge, U-turn, separation capsule.

The mechanism is composed of a single frequency conversion stepless speed regulatingmotor drives the cam rocker, a ratchet mechanism, operation, the cam rotates a circle, a ratchetPropulsion Gear (also is the use of mould is pushed into a row of holes), at the same time thecam drives the rocker to a running cycle.

The mechanism of PLC counting by automatic control, when a mold lined with capsule.mechanism of automatic shutdown, midway need shutdown can also manually. The machinespeed by touch (broadcast capsule frequency) touch input digital regulation, and is equipped See Pic(9)with the display speed

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