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The Features of Tube Filling Sealing Machine


The Features of Tube Filling Sealing Machine 1

Features and innovation:

1.Adopt the spring tube pucks ensuring the same height of sealed tail.

2.Using automatic right color systems ensuring the automatic right superscript of oval or other special-shaped tubes.

3.Adopt mechanical drive mode filling system ensuring the stability of loading.

4.Rising puck style for filling stage.

5.Adopt original binding LEISTER air heater.

6.Hot air inside sealed the tube,cold water circle-cooled the outer wall of the tubes.That ensured the effect of the sealing.

7.Exhaust the harmful gases outdoors by fan (made in Taiwan).

8.After sealing,equipped with air-cooled systems, to avoid heat transfer to the paste.

9.PLC fully automatic control system.

10.High-definition, visual stainless steel frame.

11.The connectiong of emulsifier and filling machine can be easily achieved.

12.The operation of different diameters can be easily changed.

13.Filling,sealing and code-printed can be finished in one machine.

14.Have the tubes auto setdown, tubes auto purge,the mark auto fund,and auto filling and sealing functions.

15.The speed can be stepless frequency convert,the tube setdown function can be finished by main machine matching with console model and big capacity tube store.

16.The product quantity can be controlled.

17.The code mechanical hand print the code automatically in the request position.

18.The data can be showed and controlled directly by human-machine interface.

19.Console model and big capacity tube store.

20.original binding vacuum generator controlled the on tube adsorption positioning device.

21.Adopt tube direction upsidedown examination system,Omron photoelectric cell can test the upsidedown tubes accurately.

Cam indexing.

22.Automatic cleaning and the dust accumulates recycling system.

23.Have the malfunction alarming,the machine gate openning and over-loading stopping device.

24.When filling is finished, the end is blown away by the air blower and cut off ensuring high viscosity materials filling.

25.Column model heat preservation agitation system.(optional).

26.Ultrasonic wave material position automatic detection system.The material position can be accurately detected and can be showed derectly on the touch screen with the match of the BANNER ultrasonic wave position automatic detection system and Siemens module. (optional).

27.No tube no fill.

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